I currently work as a social media content editor for Yahoo Sports. Below you will find a current feed of our social platforms, social campaigns I helped conceptualize and some of my favorite content.

Content Concepts and Roll-Outs

Halloween Movie Posters

(Photoshopped and assisted by Mike Wagstaffe)

Instagram photo carousel. 

Displaying Numbers in a Creative Way

(assisted by Tyler Greenawalt and Mike Wagstaffe)

Jalen Ramsey Yelp Reviews

(assisted by Kyndall Freer and Trevor Lewis)

Jelly Bean Challenge

Twitter thread (click into tweet to view full thread of posters with unique captions.)

LeBron and KD Album Covers

(assisted by Tyler Greenawalt and Ravi Ramgopal)

What's In The Box?

NBA All-Star Draft "Cards"


My Best Content

This is a collection of some of the best social posts. Some are timely viral posts and some are funny random reactions/projects. It's a fun collection that hopefully keeps you entertained!